BoardMaps and Boardpaq Board Platforms Key Characteristics

A dashboard is a great way to work with data, visually present it, and use it to solve real problems. Among the best popular platforms, one can single out Boardpaq and BoardMaps Board Software.  Below are their main characteristics.

BoardMaps Description

The BoardMaps platform is a software solution for automating the activities of collegial management bodies in large and medium-sized enterprises, government bodies, such as:

  • boards of directors;
  • committees;
  • working groups.

The solution can be used by large business structures, representatives of medium and small businesses, public authorities. At the heart of the platform is the idea of “questioning”. The issue is the key entity around which the work of the collegial body is organized. The issue circulation is a technology that provides support for the entire life cycle of the issue: from its inception to decision-making and execution of instructions.

The system can be deployed in two versions:

  • using a secure corporate server Windows 2008 Server;
  • using the “cloud” service Windows Azure Cloud (in the latter case, the application works on the SaaS model).

Working with mobile devices is also possible in the absence of connection with the server due to the use of a local secure data storage based on SQLite 3.7.x DBMS. Data is transmitted in encrypted form over secure data channels using security certificates. All documents are encrypted using CryptoPro libraries both on the server and on the client device. Documents are automatically converted to PDF before being uploaded to the vault.

The Platform Advantages

The portal supports full-fledged work on the iPad with questions, meetings, assignments, and materials, including offline without access to the Internet. Members of collegiate bodies can prepare for meetings anywhere in the world as well as:

  • vote on issues in absentee voting;
  • create assignments for performers;
  • study and comment on materials;
  • leave comments and write private messages;
  • propose questions and put them on the agenda of meetings;
  • see both past and upcoming meetings.

It should be noted that the software helps to hold both face-to-face and online meetings of collegiate bodies, the system implements the possibility of remote, remote user participation in the meeting. Besides, in case a platform user loses his or her gadget, access to local data on it will be securely blocked using dynamic encryption mechanisms using named certificates and emergency certificate revocation.

Boardpaq Description

BoardPaq is online board management software for small and medium-sized enterprises. The platform works with various companies. The main features of the cloud portal include the following aspects:

  • news announcements;
  • document discussions;
  • meeting management;
  • polls;
  • agenda management;
  • task management.

The platform leadership team, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, has over 70 years of experience in the IT industry.

The Portal Benefits

 The Boardpaq software clients distinguish the following platform’s advantages:

  • using the admin center feature to manage boards with useful tools, including membership and content management, searchable member directory, document library, agenda builder, etc.;
  • accessing the agenda of previous platform meetings, as well as discussions, supporting documents, real-time voting, agenda items, and notes;
  • easy self-service for board members with access from any gadget with the program applications for iOS, Android, and desktop. Portal customers are free to sign in from any gadget to access documents, view their upcoming meetings, take notes during meetings, etc.;
  • using platform’s SWOT analysis tools to facilitate collaborative strategic planning;
  • scheduling board meetings via the meeting calendar and viewing the availability of other board members to schedule meetings at a convenient time for everyone.